privacy policy
Uses and Disclosures How we may use and disclose medical information about you.

For Treatment:
  We may use medical information about you to provide your treatment or services. We may disclose medical information about you to other practitioners, physical and/or occupational therapists, nurses, technicians, medical students, other physicians, and/or hospital personnel who are involved in your care. For example: a therapist working with you for a sprained ankle may need to know the specifics of the device we provided to you and how it will help facilitate the healing process. We may also provide other healthcare providers with copies of various reports that should assist him or her in treating you.

In Conjunction with Payment:
  We may use and disclose medical information about your treatment and services to bill and collect payment from you, your insurance company or a third party payer. For example, we may need to give your insurance company information about your care so they will pay us or reimburse you for the treatment. We may also tell your health plan about treatment you are to receive to determine whether your plan will cover it.

Health Care Operations:
  Members of the staff may use information in your health record to assess the care and outcomes in your case and others like it. The results will then be used to continually improve the quality of care for all patients we serve. For example, we may combine medical information about many patients to evaluate the need for new services or treatment. We may disclose information to practitioners, physicians, nurses, and other students for educational purposes. And we may combine medical information we have with that of other practices or hospitals to see where we can make improvements. We may remove information that identifies you from this set of medical information to protect your privacy.