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PLEASE NOTE: Custom orthotics and custom orthoses must be prescribed by your doctor. Your doctor will diagnose whether or not an orthoses or orthotics fitting would be medically beneficial to your situation. While many other suppliers offer orthotics, Tonawanda Limb & Brace is considered as a specialist in the field. We are trained specifically to assess, design, manufacture and fit custom orthotics and orthoses.

“Our methods ensure proper custom orthotics and orthoses fittings”   custom orthotics orthoses

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Generally speaking, there are two main categories for custom orthotics and orthoses. These categories are functional and accommodative. The functional type are created for specific activities such as sports, for instance. However, the main goal in creating an accommodative type of orthotic or orthosis is to offer ultimate stability, flexion and comfort. We are basically accommodating the foot or limb for comfort and support. After discovering which type of orthotic or orthosis the patient will receive, we can proceed with an examination. As part of the examination, we’ll make a hands-on evaluation of the lower limbs. This includes analyzing foot alignment, strength, range of motion and soft tissue damage if necessary. Basically, this will allow us to identify any existing abnormalities.

Gait Analysis:

We will observe you walking to identify possible accommodations or abnormalities. For instance, whether you favor one leg or the other.


After your evaluation we will determine treatment options and explain how the treatments can address your specific needs.


Taking a mold ensures that your custom orthotic or orthosis is made with all of the contours and structure of your foot. Moreover, a proper cast is essential to creating a truly custom made orthotic or orthoses. Casting techniques can include plaster of paris slipper casting, contact digitizing and laser scanning.


For an orthotic or orthosis to be claimed under your insurance plan it must be constructed from scratch and fabricated directly from your mold. We manufacture custom orthotics and orthoses at our in house fabricating facility located just outside Buffalo, NY. We use the most stable molding process and strongest materials available. In addition, you can expect at least one-week between your initial assessment and your fitting appointments.


Your custom orthotics or orthoses are fitted specifically for you and your other footwear. We will evaluate how you walk while you wear your new custom orthotics or orthoses. You will also be offered a follow up appointment anywhere within 2-6 weeks of receiving your orthotic(s).


We will educate you on facilitating the use of your new orthotics or orthoses. You’ll learn about the breaking-in of the orthotic or orthosis and its lifespan. And of course, we will teach you how to wear them.

If there are any signs that the orthotics or orthoses are not working properly, please contact our office at: (716) 695-1131 immediately to schedule an appointment.

Robert Catipovic:
Robert Catipovic leads the orthoses division at Tonawanda Limb & Brace. He holds numerous certificates in the field of Orthoses. As an inventor, He holds a patent for a cervical thorasic orthosis. This is a device that restricts cervical flexion and supports the weight of the head. This device helps people who are suffering from Kyphosis. Kyphosis is a disease of the spine. This disease is commonly known as Hunchback.

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